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g   Tracey Reasons
Tracey vidcap cropped
Nickname(s): Frumplestiltskin (by Christi)
Gender: Female
Home: Arizona
Affiliations: ALDC
Club Dance
Friends and Family
Children: Sarah Reasons
Friends: Loree Cloud
Jeanette Cota
Tami Adamson
Jodi Gray
Christi Lukasiak
Feuds: Kira Girard
Episode Run
Debut: Presenting My New Team

 Tracey Reasons is the mother of Sarah Reasons.

On Dance Moms

Season 4

  • In Presenting My New Team, Kira displayed her dislike for Tracey going back to both their daughters attending the same studio in Arizona (Club Dance.)
  • She later appears in Double the Moms, Double the Trouble. She gets in a minor fight with the Elite Team Moms at the competition about the Select Ensemble being there to stay.


Season 4

Season 5


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