Ok so basically there was some huge twitter drama back awhile ago between candy apples and aldc so bad that candy apples quit dance moms but now apprent a new dance studio may have taken the role of "new candy apples"

NOTE THIS MAY NOT BE TRUE BUT IT LOOKS PRETTY TRUE. I just heard this around the world wide web that THR!VE Dance company will take the new role. The company competed against ALDC in fort wayne indiana and Xpression dance competition where the massive dance moms replacement (where all the girls leave the studio and new girl ally, sophia lucia, and two other girls take over) occurs.

Studio sounds familier? maybe not but it will soon if you watch abby's ultimate dance competition.

It is the studio of none other then Yvette and Hadley Walts.

Yvette and Hadley

Hadley is competing in AUDC and started off as the strongest dancer but in the two most recent episodes (dancing through the decades and sabotage) she has fallen in the bottomw two but still made it through. Yvette's has stirred up many fights between the other mothers and her, especially in sabotage when she and Hadley got to pick the dancers styles and put each dancer in thier weaked area or putting strong dancers with the weakest and giving Hadley a solo, all of which backfired on them and almost sent Hadley packing. Hadley got 2nd Overall while Sophia and Ally got 1st Overall in thier age divisons.

Additionally, someon said that cameramen filmed at THR!VE dance studion and not only that but both ALDC and THR!VE's routines were re-filmed for TV purpouses form footage fans shot at the competition.

Sounds like we have out new antagonists of dance moms which i think means hadley doesn't win AUDC but we won't now until we get some facts

magi out!

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