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“We're More Alike (Through the Looking Glass)”
ReturnOFCA 36-24 Erika
Song by
Bishop Kingsley
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Dance:   "Through the Looking Glass"
Album:   Music to Dance To, Vol. 2 (Featured Music in Dance Moms)
Producer(s):   We3Kings
Album Chronology
Previous: “Spanish Dance (Española)
Current: “We're More Alike (Through the Looking Glass)”
Next: “Under The Sea (Mermaids)
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Song (Youtube link)
"We're More Alike (Through the Looking Glass)" is a song by Bishop Kingsley. It was used for Erika's solo "Through the Looking Glass" in Return of the Candy Apples.

Youtube link



If you had a chance to see
More than you could ever see
If you had a chance to know
More than people really show

Peek behind the curtains, take a look inside
The secrets that the world don't know
What we try to hide
What we can't define

There are things you can't explain
Some light is in the rain

Leavin' puddles on the ground
A billion faces cryin' now

Our reflections light the way
We are one, we're all the same

Take a look, don't be afraid
Find yourself in every way


If you had a chance to see
Would you really wanna know?
Take a look inside yourself
We're more alike than none alike, you know

We're more alike
We're more alike
We're more alike than none alike

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