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“Werqin' Girl”
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Dance:   "Workin' Girl"
August 7, 2012
Dance-pop, R&B
Writer(s):   Shangela Laquifa Wadley
Producer(s):   Camrin William
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Song (Youtube link)
"Werqin' Girl" is a song by Shangela Laquifa Wadley. It was used for Nia's solo "Working Girl" in Guess Who's Back?. It was later performed again in The Smoke Before the Fire.

Youtube link
Nia's solo from Guess Who's Back?


I'm hot
I heard y'all was hiring
Yeah, you see, my name is Laquifa
Can you see this tattoo right here on my chest?
Yeah, you ain't gotta interview none of them other chicken-heads out there
I get my credentials from the street, baby

Clock the hair (clock the hair)
Clock the mug (clock the mug)
Clock the nails, clock my skirt
You better get into it

Clock the bag (clock the bag)
Clock the shoes (clock the shoes)
Now punch the clock
It's time to werq-werq-werq-werq-werq-werq-werq-werq

Move over, amateurs
Taking mine, taking yours
Somebody better hold my purse, mmm-hmm
Figure it out like Nancy Drew
Catch up quick like hallelu
Hold on, check me boo
Not you

I'm a pro
I'm a pro
Uh, I am a professional pro
I'm a pro
I'm a pro
I'm a pro
Uh, I am a professional
Werq, werq
I came to werq (I came to werq)
I came to werq
I told y'all I was a professional
Uh, huh
I came to werq (I came to werq)
I came to werq
Uh, huh
See, I am a professional


Haters cannot touch my broad references
I'm a pro
I'm a pro

I am a professional pro (I'm a pro)
I'm a pro
I came to werq
Uh, huh
Can't you see my badge?
I am a pr-pr-pr-pr-pr-pr-professional


  • Abby appeared in the official music video for Werqin' Girl. She announced a open call audition that Shangela attended (out of drag). Abby had him forcefully removed from the audition.

Video GalleryEdit

Youtube link
Kaycee Rice's solo "Werk"

Youtube link
Nia's solo from The Smoke Before the Fire


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