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g West Coast Strikes Back
Season 5, Episode 24
Voices in My Head
Air Date: June 23, 2015
Viewers: 1.257 million, 0.40 rating[1]
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Maddie vs. Mackenzie
Abby vs. Kira
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"West Coast Strikes Back" is the twenty-fourth episode of the fifth season of Dance Moms. It first aired on June 23, 2015.


The ALDC's biggest west coast rival, MDP, is back and Abby wants to put her best foot forward at the competition. After Mackenzie's huge win against her big sis Maddie, Abby tests her confidence with a big opportunity-will she be able to handle it? Meanwhile, JoJo's sick grandmother is visiting LA and Jess is desperate for JoJo to have a featured role. However, Abby is not eager to take a big risk since MDP is out for revenge from their last loss.

Competition Attended

Fierce National Dance Competition at Calabasas High School (Northwest Los Angeles) on April 11, 2015[2]

Weekly Dances

Abby Lee Dance Company
Dance Name
Dance Style
Voices in My Head Lyrical 2nd Overall
Kendall Just an Illusion Jazz 2nd Overall
JoJo Faith Is All I Need Lyrical Did Not Place
Murrieta Dance Project
Dance Name
Dance Style
Caylie Almada
Mackenzie Clemens
Alex Gonzalez
Elizabeth Rudisill
Kayla Seitel
Talia Seitel
Payton Sullivan
Monster Under the Bed Jazz 1st Overall
Caylie Almada Secret Place Contemporary 1st Overall

Other Information

  • Pyramid
    • Mackenzie
    • Maddie, Kalani
    • Nia, JoJo, Kendall
  • JoJo performed her solo for her grandmother (and Jessalynn's mom), who was visiting Los Angeles with stage 4 colon cancer.
  • MDP's dancer lineup was slightly altered from their last Dance Moms appearance (with another MDP dancer, Caylie Almada, replacing the injured Keara Nichols).[3][4]
  • Erin identifies Abby as the supposed "monster" in MDP's group dance; but saying Abby really isn't as scary as a monster, and is more of a joke.
  • April 10: Kalani and Maddie took a class from Brian Friedman. Also taking the class was Trinity Inay, a top three finalist from the second season of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition.[5][6] (video clip, full video)
  • Abby came to the competition separately.[7]
  • Rumors from the competition had Talia competing a solo, and placing 1st. This rumor seems to have been false.
    • Hard evidence seems limited to a lower quality photograph, purportedly of Talia performing. While the girl performing in the photo wears MDP colors (purple and white) and uses a large prop onstage (as MDP often does), her face does not seem to match that of Talia's (nor of any MDP other member on their Dance Moms competition team.)
    • MDP hasn't been secretive about other solos before those dances were broadcast (excepting not mentioning placings); but no mention of a solo by Talia has been noted on MDP's social media accounts.
    • At least thus far, no evidence has been noticed within the broadcast that suggests a solo was performed by Talia. Some of the dialogue also suggests that Caylie was supposed to feel the full responsibility for defeating Kendall and JoJo, moments before Caylie was to perform her solo.
    • The rumors of a Talia solo were also vague in lacking a solo name.
  • Kayla has previously performed a solo called "Monsters Under the Bed" for MDP.

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