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“Where Have All The Children Gone”
Where Have All The Children Gone - cropped squared
Song by
Joseph Kerschbaum
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Song (Youtube link)
"Where Have All The Children Gone" is a song by Joseph Kerschbaum. It was used for the group dance in Dying to Dance and later again in S7-E22.


The creaking silence of age echoes through the streets
Sounds like old wooden floors under heavy feet
All of the children once running around have evacuated
Or maybe they just disappeared
Where have all the children gone?

Just yesterday they were tying ribbons in trees
And swinging from the branches
They were leaping over coals and swooning at anything
Where have all the children gone?

Those of us who remain wander around like abandoned children in shopping malls
Where have all the children gone?
Maybe this is just a dream
Maybe we are sleeping in rooms filled with metal shelves
If we put our ears to those shelves, they will tell us stories of how they were emptied
Emptied by the fingers of fathers, emptied into the flesh of their sons and daughters
Where have all the children gone?

We hope they're hiding
We hope they're playing a game
But we know this is really happening
Where have all the children gone?


  • The group dance won first overall (the highest scoring routine of 280 acts). 
  • This was featured on Abby's Top Ten Dances; Abby ranked it as her favorite group dance from Seasons 1-3.
  • Although the lyrics are rather vague, the song appears to subtly describe suicide. In the group dance, the girls appear to commit suicide through various means: hanging/choking (Nia), jumping from a building (Paige), stabbing/shooting (Chloe), and slitting wrists (Maddie). 

Video Gallery

Youtube link
Full dance (with Kendall and Brooke K., sans Vivi-Anne)


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