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“Why, Why Not”
S03-BCMC 69-58
Song by
Marie Haddad
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Dance:   "Why Not Me?"
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For the group dance, seen in "Clash of the Chloes", see "Kind of Woman"

Song (Youtube link)
"Why, Why Not" is a song by Marie Haddad. It was used for Brooke and the ALDC Senior Company's group dance "Why Not Me?" in Boy Crazy, Mom Crazy.

Youtube link
Full dance from Abby's Top Ten Dances


I lost my last clear thought
In the whirlwind of his hair
And the speed of my eyes taking
All of him in

He's searching like a child
Who's lost his favorite sound
Strolling like a sheep and tripping
On paved ground

He and I
So much alike
Why, why not
Why not

The hands
Touch on the clock
Than I ever thought

Crossed lines
On a map
Like us
They've overlapped

Why, why not
Why, why not
Why, why not

Lonely is as lonely has been
He gives me something to believe in
I can see better now that it's dark
Strolling like a kid who's counting stars

He and I
So much alike
Why, why not
Why, why not
Why, why not

He and I
So much alike


Video Gallery

Youtube link
Dance from Boy Crazy, Mom Crazy


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