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g Your Duet Can Take a Bow
Season One, Episode Four
Air Date: May 1, 2012
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Don't Judge Me!
Don't Take That Tone With Me
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"Your Duet Can Take a Bow" is the fourth episode of season one of Dance Moms: Miami. It first aired May 1, 2012.


Victor decides it’s time for Debi and Abby to settle their differences and prepares a duet between Sammy and Hannah that reveals undeniable tension. Debi is open about her feelings and reveals she believes Hannah is being set up to fail due to her past emotional connection with Sammy. An argument erupts between Debi and Brigette over past manipulations.

Competition Attended

Energy in Highland, Michigan on February 4-5, 2012.

Weekly dances

Stars Dance Studio
Dance Name
Dance Style
Wipe Them Out Jazz 1st
Without Your Guitar Contemporary Platinum Award
Jessi Cry Baby Cry Lyrical 2nd
Kimmy It Feels Good to be Bad Jazz 4th

The List

  1. Kimmy
  2. Sammy
  3. Jessi
  4. Lucas
  5. Hannah

Image Gallery

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  • During this episode, the dancers attend Energy Dance Competition in Michigan. The Abby Lee Dance Company also attends this competition. Kimmy places fourth, beating Chloe, who places fifth. Chloe's fifth place was not shown in Waiting for Joffrey, it was shown that she had not placed. Maddie beats both girls at first place.
  • The music "It Feels Good to be Bad" was later re-used in Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition as solo music for Brianna's Jazz Funk Little Red Riding hood routine which got her into the final five.
  • Mia's first appearance was in this episode. She was seen crying during the fire because no one could take her home.


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