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g   Zack Torres
Zack in 2015 rotated-crop
Gender: Male
Born: March 16, 1999
Age: 18
Home: Phoenix, Arizona
Occupation: Dancer
12th in the 2016/17 school year
Affiliations: Dance Connection
CADC (guest)
Cutting Edge (former)
Friends and Family
Parents: Gina Torres (mom)
Siblings: Mia Torres (Sister)
Friends: Hadley Walts
Madison O'Connor
Nick Daniels
Gino Cosculluela
Brandon Talbott
Jalen Testerman
Brooke Hyland
Brianna Haire
Jordyn Jones
Kalani Hilliker
Addison Moffett
Amanda Carbajales
Asia Monet Ray
Chloe Lukasiak
Paige Hyland
Mari Dudash
Lucas Triana
Nicaya Wiley
Gavin Morales
McKenzie Morales
McKaylee True
Episode Run
Debut: Boys Are Cuties, Girls Have Cooties
Last: Same Old Frenemies Part 2
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Zackery "Zack" Torres is a dancer from Arizona, and the son of Gina Torres.

Zack was a competitor on the first season of Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, later performing for the Candy Apple's in Dance Moms.

In Abby's Ultimate Dance CompetitionEdit

For information on Zack's appearances on Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, click here 

In Dance MomsEdit

Cathy Stein and her Candy Apple's recruited him to her all boy team. They won second place for "Own It" in Boys Are Cuties, Girls Have Cooties. They then won 1st place for "Top of the World" in the episode, Rotten to the Core. He was absent for The Apple of Her Eye.

Other informationEdit

  • Zack was the first AUDC cast member to appear on Dance Moms.
  • According to Brandon Talbott, Zack was sort of the leader of the CADC team while he was there,[1] with Zack getting along well with everyone.
  • Zack was initially wary about coming to Candy Apples, based on what he had seen on television; but after attending the studio, he was shocked to find Cathy a very sweet person, and described her behavior on the show as "almost like a puppet." Zack further commented on the way the show is edited.[2]
  • Zack really enjoys soup.[3]
  • Zack has had a close relationship with Madison O'Connor from AUDC,[4] mentioning in an interview with AfterBuzz Tv that he had been dating her.
  • If Zack had won the $100,000 from Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, Gina said they would use it to pay for more dance.[5]
  • His favorite style of dance is lyrical.[5]
  • His favorite dance style to watch is jazz.[5]
  • His favorite school subject is math.[5]
  • His favorite color is green.[5]
  • His favorite thing about dance is performing.[5]
  • Zack is openly bisexual, according to a comment he made on an Instagram post.[6]
  • Zack has once said that wanted to be a professional dancer when he grows up, but if he didn't dance, he would become an ultrasound technician.


To see tables for Zack Torres's dances and results, visit the Zack Torres/Dances subpage.


To view the gallery for Zack Torres, click here.

External LinksEdit


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